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Default What on earth is this algae?

I have had this algae a couple of times in the past but not often thankfully. I am under the impression that it has occurred from overdosing on trace. I use a trace mix power that contains chelated iron from a hydroponics shop. But I am not so sure this is the cause and would like to get to the bottom of what the cause was so I don't do it again.

My tank levels
PO4: 1ppm sometimes 1.5ppm
Nitrate: 10ppm sometimes 15ppm
PH: 6
Light: Medium/high
Co2 injection: 30-40ppm during the day.

I am dosing EI and perform a 50-60 percent water change weekly.

Before you go saying it's green spot algae hear me out. It does not appear on the glass like green spot algae and it is not hard to touch, it is sort of slimy to touch and I can scratch it off with my finger nails if I try although it damages the leaves if I do this. Also it is not green dust algae either as far as I am aware as green dust is more dusty and is easy to wipe off as I have learn from past experience! The spots it creates can get quite large in diameter so it's not so much dotty but more spreads over the leaf like a green slime although it starts off like large looking dots (refer to photo). Also it is definitely not cyanobacteria as it does not smell like anything. I"m curious as to what caused it however as all the pictures of other algaes I have seen online do not look like this. In the past I thought it was from overdosing on trace mix but no one else seems to ever get it?? What is it? Could it be from an iron overdose? Or more likely the other trace elements like copper for example. The plant leaf is a dwarf Lotus and it has appeared on other plants before, not just my dwarf lotus.
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Default Re: What on earth is this algae?

Looks like green spot (GSA). Lack of or low PO4 ?
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