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Default ADA soil

Hi, I'm planning to use ADA Amazonion soil in a 6ft X 2ft X 2ft tank. I need advise on what combination of substrate to use as i have no clue what exactly ADA's power sand, power sand special, the normal and powder type soil is for. The website didn't help me 'cause for some reason, the guides all turned up in italian not english.....strange......Anyways, I plan to keep pygmy cories, shrimp and various fish of small size (neons, runny nose etc). What would be ideal for me? Thanks.
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Well first off, you must have gone to the wrong site! There's no Italian to be found on my site,
There are guides for amounts to use as well as detailed explaination of the substrate system, application ans usage.
Here I can tell you that for your sixe tank you will need:

1- 18 liter bag Power Sand SPECIAL "L"

9- 9 liter bags of Aqua Soil NORMAL Type.


Powder type Aqua Soil is used as a very topmost layer for primarily aesthetic purposes. though it is quite useful for keeping the fine runners of plants like hairgrass closer to the surface (keeps them from tunneling into the substrate as much). Depending on the layout style, Powder type Aqua Soil may be used just in the forgeround section. If you choose to use it, either sub one of the 9 liter bags of Normal type or simply get an additional bag of Powder type, 9 liters size. It also comes in a 3 liter size, which may be good also for a more limited area of use/application within the layout.

The order of placement is:
Tourmaline BC on the bottom glass
Power Sand SPECIAL next
then Aqua Soil to the desired depth/slope on top.

Let me know if there's anything else, and try checking back on the website. You can also link to ADA products availabilty through our main site at
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Jeff, the italian ADA website recommends adding tourmaline bc, clear super and bacter 100 between the power sand and the Aqua soil layers. is that just a difference in marketing?
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I am pretty sure that Powersand Special has clear super (carbon) and bacter 100 (dormant bacteria?) mixed in along with peat making it . The normal powersand doesn't have this.
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Gomer is right. SPECIAL includes those making it a better value.
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Default 2ft shrimp tank plan

My computer was down for about a month and a half and I lost this site for a while till I could get my bookmarks back. Anyway I'd like to thank everyone for the advice. I'm trying out the powersand special S and the Amazonion normal type (the shops in Singapore don't stock the normal type...not popular apparently) for my 2ft planted shrimp tank with pygmy cories and oto cats. My plants include Riccia, Java fern, Anubias and a thin blade-like plant (forgot what it was). The moss and fern are doing great but the leaved-plants are slowing dying. I've got a chiller and an eheim 2026 ext filter running it and with a CO2 tank. I use a solenoid valve with a timer as well but i've got too high PH for my liking and I prefer not to use my Seachem discus buffer to bring it down anymore, hence my decision to trash the old substrate setup of the usual fertilliser/sand. I got the CO2 later and my PH readings are below 7 after a lot of chemical buffers and CO2. Previously it can hit as high 8.5! The dying plants are going out as well and I need advice on which plants to put in this setup. I'm gonna use rocks as well but my fern is on a 1ft long by 6" tall at one end, piece of driftwood The Riccia is on an 8" flat piece of wood. I still do a bad layout job and I really need some layout design ideas. My planting and moss fastening work is not too bad but I'll need proper instuctions on planting using tweezers. Have no clue how to do it. Thanks all!
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