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Aquascaping Discuss aquascaping designs and techniques as well as get critiques on your aquascaping pictures. Find out how to use aquatic plants, reefs, and wood to design a planted aquarium.

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Default Re: IAPLC 2010 results

Hi ravattar,

All of the entries I viewed are very good, I got some excellent ideas for my aquariums by viewing them. How many total entries for IAPLC this year?
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Default Re: IAPLC 2010 results

The Total is 1819.

Here is table of
IAPLC 2010 applications.

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Default Re: IAPLC 2010 results

article (in russian) about Paul Bautin

The title of tank is forest aroma.

translate.google.com gives understandable translation

here is my edition of it

While we have no right to show photos of the aquarium, set up by Paul, so detailed analysis of this work do not be now done, and we shall do it after the ceremory of awarding and issuance of the official catalog. We note only that the work is called "Fragrance of the Forest" and it doesn’t resemble to the arrangements, that won in previous years.

In the aquarium panorama of northern russian pine forest glimpsed by sunlight is created. The composition produces a light, bright impression, it attracts the eye and elevates mood, one wants to watch it again and again and seems smell pine needles already in reality.

Eugene Borovikov had made to Paul a great help in choosing the concept of arrangements and progress on construction and improvement of the design. He is professional painter and winner of aquarium design contest on Zoosphere 2008 expo. Paul and Eugene met in this competition. Since then, Eugene has repeatedly analyzed created by Paul compositions. His analysis of the aquarium, which Paul has drawn on the next contest «JBL, Zoosphere 2009 – Amateur’s Aquarium ».

With Paul and Eugene, we met at Zhivoi Ugolok (direct translation from Russian is Live (Pet) Corner St. Petersburg ) after the competition results publication. both were under the impression this great success. Paul specifically emphasized that he considered himself as a pupil of Eugene Borovik, whose lessons allowed him to take a fresh look at their aquariums and to make significant progress in building design solutions, and in the use of colors and textures of plants. That's why you can now talk about the birth of the St. Petersburg aquarium design school. We want to note that Paul has skillfully realized the knowledge in practice. His work is really impressive!
Eugene Borovik notes as the strongest part founded by Paul design that it is not just a landscape, however it is the panorama. That gives an unusual sense of space, one can feel the full extent of the forest.
A vertical shafts special arrangement allowed to achieve this effect. Paul first drew the sketches and "calculated" the required thickness of the trunks, then set off with a hacksaw into the woods looking for a suitable dead wood.
The work adorns many more details of which are premature to tell, but one very like to mention - Eugene accentuated it specialy: shrimp sitting on tree trunks like a woodpecker - a special highlight, which allows to feel in the woods, waking to feel his fragrance.
Paul did not forget to thank the staff of the Zhivoy Ugolok, where he was always happy and where he often looks. Special thanks were expressed to Elena Kovaleva for assistance in purchasing aquatic plants. While the winner-composition had being getting finishing touch to complete and perfect form, Pavel had being long while experimented with different kinds of underwater flora. Helen had always tried to quickly and accurately carry out his orders and talk about specific features of various species.
How long Paul went to his success? Four years. In 2007 he took 479 place in 2008 - 763, in 2009 in his work has already started a qualitative leap, and he crept close to the first squadron - 128 place. And in 2010 - he was the first!
What else can you tell about the winner of the 10 th "amanovskogo" contest?
Here is a brief biography.

Paul Bautin 30 years.

Professional designer aquariums he became in 2000.

Before that was a sailor.

He graduated in St. Petersburg State Marine Academy named after
Admiral Makarov. He went on the seas and oceans, but the craving for aquariums took their toll.

And it is no accident: Paul and his brother Sergei had aquariums since childhood. When Paul went to the first class, and it was in the Volgograd region, in the village of Sidory, the father gave to the brothers the first aquarium - 40 l, frameless, which was a rarity then. However the possibility of 40-liter (10.5 gallons) tank were quickly exhausted, then had to make aquariums themselves. Father welded frames, and the Bautin brothers mastered glazing, putty prepared from the cement on the chicken protein. So they became the owners of the entire collection of aquariums in the range of 80-120 liters (21-32 gallons). Over time, their skills increased so that the aquarium life bubbled. Divorced makropody and guppies, but there were so many plants that surplus can be sold at the local "Pticha" (Soviet name of Russian pet fair ).
Now Paul has created and serves for customers approximately 20 plant aquariums.
Get an idea of his work, please visit Paul. Unfortunately, we must recognize that the aquarium, where plants play a major role, is still not too popular in Russia across the customer. Perhaps the success of Paul's most prestigious aquarium competition would lead to positive advances in this field. And while we've talked a bit with Paul about how it works.

-Does populism and corruption Feeds a professional designer, the willingness to easy sacrifice their creative principles?

- I think not. Anyway, myself always wildebeest my own line. I'm making an aquarium in the way I see it. Since some customers are unable to agree and we parted, however others, when they see the final result come in delight. Nice then get sincere gratitude.

- What can you identify as the basic principle of your work?

- I always do my work so that there was no shame to the customer, nor to those who may be caring for an aquarium after me. Always set of aquariums full sets of high quality equipment. I carefully think and now paint creating design. It is the only way to create a stable aquarium system that will be long pleasing to the eye.

- What does particularly attract you to the plant aquarium?

- The fact that these aquariums do not constitute a continuing forever frozen picture. They develop. Plants are growing in size, thay can change color and texture. It is intresting to care for those tanks. Each time I’m a little reworking something and keeping harmonious composition. It generally remains the same and yet different. Life and changes in such aquariums are interesting in themselves.

- Do you see the difference as a participant in the competitions of pictures and of live competitions, such as wires Zhivoy Ugolok (for example "JBL, Zoosphere 2009 - Armature Aquarium ")?

- It is tremendous. In live contests all seen much more sharply. Adrenaline rush. Work in public is much more complicated than at home. Sometimes you distracting, so it's hard to think. You begin to get very excited and feel that this is a real competition. Here you get a good charge of adrenaline, and more emotion - means more impressions, followed by a creative impulse. Such competitions charge up! In addition, the Seriously Organized live aquarium contests raise the prestige of Russia as the aquarium hobbyist country.

- Work at home with an aquarium is work or leisure for you?
- It's vacation. I can stand before a bank for eight hours scrutiny of each individual blade of grass. At the same time I do not get tired.

- In contests that important for you to win or get involved?
- Participation to win! I want to say my word. Adjust to other people's rules for the sake of victory, I did not. Did not consider it necessary. Therefore, on the competition IAPLC custom work made from the soul was sent. It was made for myself. I wanted to get the effect of the panorama, in many respects it was an experiment. I did not sure to follow the classic rules aquascaping. Did it so as I see myself. The main stems were placed in an hour. However then ... I'm not fond of photography specifically but The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest - this is a photo contest. So I photographed and worked with the photo. By April, when deadline of the competition came up, I had accumulated archive of more than 2000 photos!

- In April, we'd seen and discussed some of them. We will return to them and look in the light of the current success?
- Yes, after the ceremony surely!
In conclusion, we wish to congratulate Paul’s brother - Sergei Bautin with 188 ranking. For the first contest this is more than a serious bid for the future.
step-by-step creation of Paul's contest tank on Zoosphere 2009 "Amateur Aquarium" brief contest.

One more interview (in Russian)

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