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Hardiness: Moderate
Light Needs: Medium
Plant Structure: Rhizome
Family: Ranunculaceae
Genus: Ranunculus
Region: Australasia
Location: Southeastern Australia
Size: Height: 5-15cm (2-6in)
Growth Rate: Medium
Can Be Grown Emersed: Yes


Ranunculus inundatus is an attractive new plant native to Southeastern Australia. Ranunculus species, or buttercups, are widespread in wet areas all over the world (including North America) but R. inundatus is one of the relatively few that grows submersed. It was introduced to the hobby as R. papulentus, which has been since been shown to be another very similar species. Although it grows without difficulty in aquariums, it is still most easily obtained through other hobbyists.

To do its best, R. inundatus requires a good deal of light. Failure to provide that results in much taller specimens with very long stems, which are considerably less attractive. As with many light-requiring plants, carbon dioxide levels of around 30ppm and ample fertilization are very helpful. Other than that, this species presents the aquarist with few problems.

Although R. inundatus takes its time getting established, growth can be rapid afterward. It then produces a profusion of low-growing side shoots that soon fill in the entire foreground if not kept in check. This species arguably looks best when not completely filled in, as dense growth disguises the distinctive leaf shape. R. inundatus goes well with even shorter foreground plants or as a compliment to a decorative sand foreground.

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