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Default Thank you Newt

I want to show my appreciation for you knowledgeable post Newt. It was just what I was looking for.

I have been trying to have a decent topic discussion over at Aqua hobby. Great site, I love the people. But no one wants to talk specifics like this though. Everyone is happy to be told "use this bulb", but no one wants to make an educated decision.

This was the topic here for you to browse and you can see what I was trying to accomplish. Some were at least curious but I met with a little resistance. I don't want to rewrite the whole thing here obviously. Lighting topic

Would you read through this topic Newt and offer your advise on my reasoning and logic.

It started over in this topic.

This was actually a really good topic, over 300 views in 3 days and almost 30 replies. Was a good time. When I started to get specific it died out that's why I started on the Lighting specific one.

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