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Default Re: Planaria and Hydra Elimination in Shrimp Tanks

Originally Posted by snail_chen View Post
wow, this is exactly the solution that I am looking for my hydra infestation!

BTW, will any d-wormer work? I found
a product named D-Worm Liquid Wormer in Petsmart.

But its active ingredient is Piperazine (Dipiperazine Sulfate).

Will it work?
Just rambling on, for what it's worth. . .

You would probably have to try it. Most anthelminics are specific in animals. Piperazine is mostly given for round worms and is usually given to puppies as a first wormer. Safe Guard has been around for as long as I can remember. I used to give it to my horses, dogs, sheep, goats, until I found D.E. I now use Ivermectin on the meat eaters and D.E. in the sheep. Ivermectin is used for just about every parasite known, inside and out. It is the active ingredient in Heart worm medications, gets rid of ticks, fleas, etc. It can be absorbed through the skin so, injections, or by mouth applications are not always necessary. It is very concentrated so I think one would have to be extremely careful. (I mis diluted once and gave my cat too big a dose and did not see her for a full day) I also found it interesting that it is only found in one place on earth. Japan, in the soil. Any animal in the area has no parasites, whatsoever at all. None, nada, zip, zilch.
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