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Default Re: My experience at P**Land

I don't mean to be rude... but what do you want them to do? This isn't a mom and pop shop, it's a chain store. If you really wanted to know, it would be your responsibility to call them back in a week or so to find out what it was after they gave you a refund or store credit or something. They don't have time for you, because they are a chain and quite honestly they don't really care if they lose you as a customer. You put an unquaranteed fish in a 120 gallon aquarium and put your other livestock at risk.

Who's fault is that? You're putting the blame on the wrong party, I think. You can argue that they don't take responsibility in selling livestock... but it seems to me that you didn't taken responsibility in buying livestock when you chose to introduce them into your main aquarium.

Again, no offense meant but you have to look at this more objectively.
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