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Default Re: Flourite, EcoComplete Feedback

Thanks Thirston and niko for the response.

I know its a great substrate myself because I have been using it for a while now and love my plant growth, but I know every plant is different and some need more than others when it comes to Vitamins, Minerals, Co2, Lighting, Substrate, and Time. I just needed feedback from other people who have used this product, because I'm tired of going online and reading negative feedback on these substrates when I know there good.
And yes I will agree with both of you that the substrate is only a portion that leads to overall great plant growth. And I know that Co2 plays a major roll in overall plant development (finally got my 20lb Co2 Tank with Azoo Regulator and Amano style Glass Diffuser set up). As well as the dosing regiment on the plants. So lets see how it turns out.

Thanks for the "Fluorite holds together just fine for 10 years", it was nice to finally see/read that. Don't know if this setup is going to be around for that long, but who knows.
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