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Default Re: Flourite, EcoComplete Feedback

When I first got my tank I was trying to decide which one of the two to get... which I ended up getting eco... with just eco the plants were growing but very slowly! Then I started researching on different ferts as my tank is low tech with no co2 and low-med lights I didn't want to get a fert that was too much for my tank. well, long story short! I got osmocote in gel caps and seachem comprehensive and with one being mainly for rooted planted and the other for stem plants/ water fert. My plants have gone insane with growth and they have gotten way better coloring! I am amazed with what the ferts have done. I even put the ferts in my 10 gallon which only has inert gravel in it and the plants are going CRAZY!!! I think it's the ferts that make the difference.
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