Thoughts on layout

By: Fresh fish80
October 22nd, 2015
4:48 am

Thoughts on layout

Hi, So Im new to the forum just starting out with my new 30gal planted tank, I have it running with plants just stuck in to grow a bit, this weekend im going to change the subtrate to dirt capped with black sand, I was wondering if you guys had any good ideas for a layout with the plant I have, these are the ones i have: so I sort of want to follow this layout, but with the plants i have, no wood or rocks either, thoughts???
Bacopa Carolina,
dwarf lily
Green Hygro Siamensis
sunset Hygro
baby tears
ludwiga rubin
Green and brown crypt
Staurogyne repens
Lobelia cardinalis
and hopefully some downoi and postgen erectus, they were pretty brown, so I dont know if theyll make it, but i can hope, if not ill prolly just get another cup of downoi, Thanks for the help!! heres a quick shot of what it looks like now,

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