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I am so sorry for the confusion here and I will post a detail of how many bags /amounts of everything to use per all the standard size tanks. Folks can then do the estimates for the "in-between" or odd sizes. For now:

60cm ADA tank (same approx. dimensions as US 20 gallon 24X12):
Power Sand small: 1- 2 liter bag
AquaSoil: 1 - 9liter bag

90cm ADA tank (same approx. as US 58 gallon @ 36X1:
Power Sand medium: 3 - 2 liter bags (total 6 liter)
Aqua Soil: 3 - 9 liter bags

120cm ADA tank (same approx. as US 75 gallon @ 48X1:
Power Sand medium: 4 - 2 liter bags (total 8 liter)
Aqua Soil: 4 - 9 liter bags

180cm ADA tank (sam approx. as US 135 gallon 72X1:
Power Sand large: 9 - 2 liter bags (total 18 liter)
Aqua Soil: 9 - 9 liter bags
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I thouht I might like to experiment with the Green Gain but don't really know how far the bottle will go. They are 50ml each? Added only after trimmings?

If this isn't the proper place to ask things like this, please let me know..
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Default ADA Green Gain

You've come to the right place!
Regarding Green-Gain:
Dosage-wise you are talking in the few drops per gallon range and it's not an everyday application either so a 50ml bottle would last a good while under most normal usage conditions (sub 100 gallon tank/not needing to dose 5 or 6 tanks regularly. That is the type of item also that if interest is strong- and it seems to be- I will keep it in stock at all times and be able to ship immediatley upon order placement. I used Green-Gain before and let me tell you it is a truly unique product. The look and even smell of it is like nothing else. There are definitely some unique properties/ingredients in this product. I will request and additional info. from ADA and post accordingly.
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Originally Posted by Raul-7
Great stuff Jeff! The substrates are reasonably priced. But how do you calculate how many bags you need? For example, it says a 6L bag of PowerSand for aquariums 40-60cm in height; is that a misprint, did you mean length? Are these measurements in ADA aquarium dimensions? What size would a 9L bag of AquaSoil be used for?
If I recall correctly, the grades of Power Sand (Small, Medium, Large) refers to the grain size of the pumice stone used. It is based on water column height as the higher the column the more pressure exerted on the pumice stone. Using small grains in a tall tank would literally squeeze shut the pumice stone pores. This would be counter productive.
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I also have a pair of the scissors - I bought them when I visited Tokyo last year. They are very sharp and have a very good balance to them. Great for trimming stem plants. Amano makes a different pair for cutting the thick rhizomes of anubias plants and a curved set for trimming glossostigma and other foreground plants.

I also bought two pairs of the pinsettes (forceps) - they are also very well made, have a good springy feel and very good balance. One of the ADA dealers I visited in Tokyo (An-Aquarium in Ginza) brought out the ADA tools that he uses for the tanks in his store - he told me he'd been using them for many years and they haven't rusted, pitted, etc... and the scissors did not need to be sharpened.

Some of my friends (Japanese and American) teased me for buying the Amano tools as souveniers, but I'm definitely very satisfied with what I've bought (and they're useful!).

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Default Lumens + Spectral distribution

I would like to know the lumens-output of the 150 watts NA-lamp:
.. and it's spectral distrubution.
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