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Default Placeholders for plant?

I have a 125 g. Not set up or anything. Just in my living room, empty, like it has been for almost a year. I have the fish to go in it! Yep, already through quarantine, now just waiting on me....

You see, I am doing a dirted tank, and I'm sure most of you know, after you cap it, it is really hard to move plants around with out making a fuss. The plants I want are expensive for my part time budget. There are also so many options with a tank so large, 1 large piece of driftwood or multiple? 3d background?

However, I'd like to get started.

I was wondering if there is a way to dirt, plant and cap the plants you have, but leave holes for the ones to come later, a placeholder. Something like a pot, so you wouldn't have to dig to put the plant in.
My though was to maybe use a strip of plastic canvas wrapped around a clay pot stuck in the substrate. So when I wanted to plant, I could take out the pot, but leave the plastic canvas to keep the hole from collapsing, plant it, cap it and move on.

Anyone have any ideas, or is this just dumb?
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Default Re: Placeholders for plant?

Welcome to APC! If you plant your tank using long tweezers to hold the rooted end of the plant, and poke that down through the substrate to the glass bottom, you won't disturb the dirt layer. It can make a mess if you pull out a rooted plant, but there is no reason for a mess when you are planting.
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