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Default Making plant pot invisible

Well, not really a plant pot but a food storage container, dirted, topped with sand, growing two amazon swords and cabomba (because I had nothing better to do with it)

Container, as you can imagine, looks soo awesome in my discus tank...So! I am looking looking for some moss or other plant I could attach to the container so that it grows over it. It would be nice if the plant could grow on the bottom of the tank too.

I need a plant that is not demanding as far as ferts go, can do well with not much light and high temperature of 30degrees (my discus are happiest at this temp)
My tanks is bare bottom and I will be upgrading so I need something I can move later when needed.

Any advice will be much appreciated.

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Default Re: Making plant pot invisible

You can arrange rock in front of the pot to hide it. I have a cichlid planted tank that substrate rooted plants are incompatible with their digging habit. So I keep mostly epiphytes ( Buce, Anubias, fern) attached to rock, with a few rooted plants (crypt, Amazon sword and ludwigia) in pots hiden behind rock. The rock piles provide height and caves beneath for cave dwellers. The bottom has a thin 1/2 inch gravel layer which is better off than bare bottom to conceal fish waste and house B.B.. Lace or larva rock works best because they are light weight , interlock and attach plants easily.
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Default Re: Making plant pot invisible

One of the mosses? Java moss, christmas moss? They can be grown on the plastic backing used for needle point, which is available in black.

Alternatively, you could use a cheap, rectangular glass vase instead of the food container. They can look artistic in a bare bottom tank.

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