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Default advice on scaping my 29 gallon? (has pic)

Mmk. The plan is still really shaky =/ I'm just not good at figuring out the scaping well. My tank is 29 gallons, has 65 watts of PC light, will have good ferts and pressurized co2 once I get my tax refund back(which'll set me way back on my reef tank's plans, but hey, I figure I should get this one nice too. . .) Right now the only thing I've actually got is the black streak. It's an accidental thing, but is a little strip of crypt wendtii that I like the look of. I can get a top down pic(since this isn't to scale) if anyone wants me to. I'm probably going to use all brown ones for it. The little yellow-green blob above that is where I was thinking some Bolbitus. . . what is the last part of that. . . I know it starts with an H.It looks like a fern and is dark green. An epiphyte, so I figure I can get a piece of driftwood and tie some to it to have it grow upwards. I just don't know how much wood/bolbitis I'll need to start out with. OR how far I can get it outwards for that matter. I may need to put something else between them so I can fill the open space.

On the other end I was thinking about using Cabomba carolinia. I've got a pretty big pot of it. Dunno what shape to plant it in. If I should plant it along the side wall and extend it out a bit, or if I should leave it mostly along the back? For the star in front of that I'm going to use anubias nana, but I don't know what shape to have it in. I know it'll be on a straight branch/piece of wood, but I don't know if I should make it run the same way as the as the wendtiis, or if I should mirror that little chunk or if I should run it sideways instead of at an angle. Any suggestions?

The figure 8 and the question mark are the areas I am having issues with. I know I'm using aquatic clover and possibly some micro sword as foreground, but is that all I should have at the front? The little bare space in front of the wendtiis has some crypt parvas growing. Plus I've got some pennywort and a couple of balanase crypts that I want to use somewhere, but don't know how to fit them in. Any ideas how to make it better before I get everything for it and don't know what to do still?
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