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Default back at it!

Hey everyone! I haven't been active on these forums for quite a while, I guess I sorta disappeared.. I was really just getting into planted tanks before I was forced to quit, and I wasn't super active on the forum, so I'm sure many of you will not remember me. I basically had to take down all of my tanks to go live on a college campus after taking a few years off after high school. I ended up keeping only my 5.5g reef at school, but with all the early nice weather, i was feeling inspired to do a planted nano, and start up my 75 at home el natural over spring break. I set up my 2.5g and the 75g with a couple plants that grow in a little river in my back yard, there's only 2 species in it, and it's only about maybe 20-30 sq ft, but the growth is pretty thick so i grabbed a decent load of plants, hoping to at least fill out the 75g a bit. Well, after cleaning the plants and removing dead portions it turns out my 75 is pretty desolate, with only one thick bush of some type of stem plant (i'll be posting pictures to get I.D.s later) and a bit of a low growing something, with round leaves. Anywho, i'm taking a trip to White memorial today with my 4 year old niece, and plan on grabbing a few clippings to add to my 75, and Ill try to get pictures of everything!

Great to be back in the planted world, and I hope I can start regularly attending meetings!

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