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Default Re: [Wet Thumb Forum]-Cleaning Canister filter Hoses?

Originally Posted by JERP View Post
The slime layer on the inside of hose doen't build up like hard water deposits. At least it wont in a fast flowing system used in an aquarium filter. Most people (myself included) generally have enough flow to spare in their filtration systems that losing a bit in the hoses wont affect the health of the tank.

For my backflow I have two mechanisms. My primary is the Quick-release to my ehiem. My secondary and more interesting is a shutoff valve and a "T" valve located at the input of my filter. To use quick release to flush the hose, I disconnect the hoses from my filter and slap em around a bit, Ike Turner style, then open the quick-release valve into a bucket. This drains the loosened debris from the hoses.

How is the shut off valve used? I shut off the water flow, turn off the filter. I place the open end of the hose coming from the T-valve in a bucket and open the T-valve. This drains water from the cannister into the bucket, removing most loose debris from the filter. Now here's the cool part. I close the valve, then put clean water in the bucket. Open the valve and turn on the filter. The filter siphons clean water from the bucket into the tank. When the bucket is empty, close the T-valve and open the shutoff valve. It's an easy way to perform water changes without disturbing the tank and be lazy at the same time. I've yet to find a drier way to perform water changes. I've been using the T-valve method for about 10 years. It works great. I'm currently rebuilding my tank, I'll post pictures when I'm done. It might be a while. I'm lazy.

I second anonapersona on not scrubbing your hoses and your filter at the same time. It's a triplethreat if you decide to gravel siphon while your at it. It's like circuit training, legs and abs on tuesday, arms and back on thursday. Do it all at once and it's gonna hurt.
Did you ever upload those photos. I would certainly be interested in your "Drier Way"
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Default Re: [Wet Thumb Forum]-Cleaning Canister filter Hoses?

bleach water should take care of the gunk inside the hose.
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Default Re: [Wet Thumb Forum]-Cleaning Canister filter Hoses?

interested in posting JERP
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