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George, all my timers are digital because I can't find any mechanical ones that will accept a three-pronged plug; I usually buy whatever Wal-Mart has in stock, and they've ranged in price from about $11 to about $18. I had one crap out almost as soon as I bought it, but all the others are going strong; oldest is about three years now. They all have a battery backup so that they don't get screwed up if the power goes off, which is very handy. As long as they're plugged in, the battery system remains charged. We had a bad ice storm this winter, and the power was off for 12 or 13 hours; all the timers held their configuration, none of them had to be reset. I suppose the battery backup will quit at some point, but none of mine have yet.

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George, I was specifically looking for a battery backed timer, for the reasons noted by Vicki.

The one I bought was at Home Depot for 19.95. Rather pricey, but I was really looking for something that was nice and would provide some flexibility.

Since I just bought mine a couple of days ago, I don't know how long the battery will last. Since it is probably only active when the electricity is off, I would assume it will last a long time.

As with Vicki's unit, mine has the three-pronged outlets, in and out. My unit also specifically mentions being appropriate for flourscent fixtures.
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Oh...Ranch I didn't realize you meant battery-backup. I understand why you'd want that!

Vicki, I've never had a problem finding a 3-hole timer at a hardware store! They are usually sold as appliance timers by me. I've bought 3 or 4 of them at separate times. We've even got several of them at work here too.


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