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El Natural Diana Walstad's low-maintenance, soil-based 'El Natural' method for keeping plants and fish.

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Default Emersed growth of plants - external fertilisation

I believe that many aquarists are growing emersed plants to help with removal of excess nutrients from their tanks. I do the same with Pothos, however I think that it could do better. I have quite a big amount of plants in the tank, for which I add micro nutrients every day (just so they don't show any deficiency). I think, that this amount is not sufficient for Pothos and it probably competes with other plants. I would like to avoid adding more fertilizer into the tank, so got an idea of using additional container just for Pothos with higher levels of micro nutrients. It should work like this - Pothos will gain macro nutrients from the tank water (they are abundant with ~25ppm of NO3 in tap water), but it will take most of the micro nutrients from a separate container.

Anyone tried it before already? Any comments if it's worth the try or is it a complete waste of time?

A quick photo - the end of Pothos with already established roots is in the tank and I weighted down the stem with a small stone in a separate container where I added a bit of micro fertilizer. I've just set it up, so there are no roots on the stem (and maybe never will be).

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Default Re: Emersed growth of plants - external fertilisation

If you've come to the point where you are lacking nutrients for immersed plants competing with an outgrowing emersed plant. Then why not get rid of the emersed plant or cut it down until you reach balance?
Maybe my thinking is completely wrong but it's what came to my mind when I read your post. The idea behind a walstad tank is to get an ecosystem as self sustaining as possible. I find it weird that you are doing so much effort to feed a plant that may not be necessary and that might harm the others.
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