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El Natural Diana Walstad's low-maintenance, soil-based 'El Natural' method for keeping plants and fish.

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Default Doing it again

Hi all. I have not posted for some time been busyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I had a leak on my 130 g and had to redo my floors one of my hang on pumps pumed water all over our Parket floor so needless to say we had to tear the flooring out and now I am trying to set up my 130 gallon tank.

I did a 10 g natural, my pond natural and my 55 g natural all are doing well.

I guess it is time to convert my 130 g in to a natural tank.

I have question about water flow what would you do for it. I have a fluval 405 I think that is correct.

what should I put inside, some carbon and a sponge??

what else. Has any one done that size tank in natural setup.

Any advice u can give

always Tahsequah

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Go for it

I've a Rena Classic 150, which is 525 litres (138 US gallons), set up as mostly El Natural. The only difference is that I'm not using sunlight but T5 lighting (the tank would be too close to a radiator if it was near the window).

It's been planted for nearly 4 weeks now, although it's been running for about a month longer than that unplanted and fishless.

For water flow I'm using three of these hydor EKIP 300W heater/pumps

Just two of these keep the water heated and circulating in an empty tank. I've just added an extra one because the plants now block the flow a bit, and I think it's good insurance policy.

I'm just letting the water flow & plants filter the water, no carbon or sponges are used - although I did carbon filter the water as it went into the tank. I've no worries over water being pumped out of the tank either.

Water parameters are: 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, & 20ppm Nitrate

Someone else on this forum (here) is using the next size up Rena tank as El Natural to excellent effect also.
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Well it is under way.
That Hydor equip sounds interesting. Have to look into that.
I amexited I am letting it go fishless for a week making sure I won't kill anything.
I am using mostly my old plants my Nana survived and it is huge so I am breaking it apart into 2 plants. As for lightning it will be low light. No space to put this monster infront of a window. Like I said before any input is welcome my Kids say it will be a holy mess if it fails. LOL
But you know all my other ones doing fine so I know this one will just be the same way. I am exited because coming from a high tech tank this will be so much less work. YEAH
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