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El Natural Diana Walstad's low-maintenance, soil-based 'El Natural' method for keeping plants and fish.

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Default Alder cones

I was wondering... Are they safe to use in NPT?

I know that these cones really help in controlling algae population and are the source of usefull tanins, which affect the health of the fish, making them more immune to various diseases

what do you think?
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Default Re: Alder cones

Hi. I haven't heard of Alder cones, so I'm not sure. I have heard of people using barley straw successfully. I have also heard of people using a willow branch. Both of these have to be removed after they do the job. Not sure if this helps, but if you are looking for a natural alternative...
also, in the book Ecology of the Planted Aquarium: A Practical Manual and Scientific Treatise for the Home Aquarist by Diana Walstad, the author mentions several ways to give your plants the advantage so they can out-compete algae. Mainly emergent growth and floating plants. Plants that can use surface air get CO2 from it, and grow much faster, starving off the algae.
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