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Default Inline high flow CO2

I have a 90 gallon tank that is packed with plants (high CO2 demands). Due to the space limitations I had to use a reef ready tank with all of the filtration and what-not underneath in a sump. This also takes away some of the CO2 driving the CO2 needs up even more. I am using a nice solenoid pressurized CO2 setup going into a mag-drive pump with a needle impeller which then goes through the heater and then UV filter and acts as the tank return. Its worked really well but I am wanting to get rid of the bubbles that come from just sending CO2 into a needle impeller. Soooo...

What is your favorite commercial option for an inline high flow CO2 diffuser?
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Default Re: Inline high flow CO2

Let me make sure I'm reading your post right, you are using the needle wheel pump as the return from your sump and that is the only return pump?

There are two styles of DIY reactors that are easy to make the Rex Grigg and the Cerges. I've used both, they both work fine and cost about the same to make. Do some google and forum searches and you can figure out how they work and how to build them easy enough.

Both styles of reactors end up with a small CO2 bubble at the top of their chambers. Lots of people (including myself) do nothing to this bubble since it is usually small and does not hamper the rate at which we get CO2 in the tank. However, you can increase the efficiency of the reactor by connecting the top of the reactor chamber to the inlet of the needle wheel pump using tubing. This way any gas that goes through the reactor and is not absorbed by the water is returned to the inlet of the pump where the bubbles are chopped up by the needle wheel making them easier to dissolve into the water.
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