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The worst thing I've ever bought was my All Glass Aquarium stand.

My first tank is my current 75 gallon. I seen the nice wrought iron stand under a 55 at the LFS. I asked "can I get one of those for my 75?". "Sure Thing!" they answered. But they had to order it, and I had to wait to fill my tank.

A week later, it finally came in. The stand was nothing more than four peices of angle iron! NO decorative curved wrought iron on the sides like the one I seen under the 55. This thing looks like a cheapie garage shelf!

For some reason I brought it home. I filled the tank. Now I have a 75 gallon tank that wobbles when I drag my Mag-Float across the front of the tank. It's frightening! Cost me $110.
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A giant gourami (Osephronemus gorami)- thought it was a great deal for $10. About 2 days later he ate $50 worth of my other fish. Then I had to get a new filter ($150) to set him up in another tank.

I did end up keeping him for several years (he grew to almost 2 feet), but had to give him away when I moved. He went to a guy whose family ran a Chinese restaurant and apparently had a 200+ gallon show tank. Afterwards I read somewhere that these are a prized food fish in Southeast Asia... maybe he became the Sunday Buffet Special. I never had the heart to go check
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SAE i bought two 3inch of them and guest what, they are not eating algae, then second a Nitrite tesk kit, i dont really need them i have a planted tank and last is the 80 watts Shoplights i bought at home depot, still have them if you want PM me
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A Bumblebee catfish. The moron at the local petdonalds assured me that it was an algae eater so I put it in with a school of cardinal tetras. It ate 7 of them in two days!

A standard 4ft tank. Why on earth did I think that a width of 14" and a height of 18" was good?
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