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Default Which filter?? Eheim classic 350 or 600??

Hi, I am still deciding on a filter for my 150l (39-40 gal) aquarium that will be light to moderately planted with Java Fern, Java Moss, and Anubias species tied onto rocks and bog or drift wood, and platys as the fish. Actual water content is estimated to be around 117.5L/150L - 127.5L/150L.

What I am wondering is, with this information, and feeding my platys twice a day as normal. How many platys fully grown would you experienced aquarists recommend having in this fish tank that will have a good amount of hiding places and territories and using the 350 canister filter with the standard media in the default order in the filter? And how many platys would yous recommend when using the 600 filter? My reason for wanting to know this is because I care for my future fish, and just want to do what is right for them, and I know you guys are the right people to ask. I know I am going to possibly get a variety of different answers, but I want to see what you all say. Let me know if yous need any more information from me, for yous to give an accurate enough answer.

And with these filters, has anyone ever reduced the flow using the valves (double tap connectors) on the filter, and how much without causing damage to the machine/filter? Sorry if I should be asking the eheim support techs but I haven't got a reply from them yet and it's been about 2 weeks.
All help and advice is welcome and appreciated, thanks in advance

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Aquatic Plant Central > General Interest Forums > Equipment > Which filter?? Eheim classic 350 or 600??

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