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Default Surge protector question

So I currently have two surge protectors that have flat plugs. I canít have two in one outlet because the flat plug blocks the other socket.

These are what Iím using

Can I use this to plug to the wall and then plug my surge protectors here?

Will this be alright to use? I just wanna be able to plug two of them in one wall outlet.

Will the surge protector from both interfere with each other? Should I just buy a regular wall outlet like this?

Do I have to worry about wattage in this case?

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Default Re: Surge protector question

If that multi-socket plug is made correctly you should be able to use is with two surge protectors on it. All electric outlets are limited in the wattage they can handle by the circuit breaker that protects that outlet. That is often a 20 amp circuit protector, or 2000 watts, roughly. The multi surge protector your link shows only allows for 3.4 amps per protected socket, which isn't very much - about 400 watts.
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Default Re: Surge protector question

Im not a trained electrician but have worked with a few and picked up a lot of tips. One surge protector plugged into another is fine. Only problem I can see is that one might trip easier than the other. Increasing the chances of one tripping at the wrong time. Such as when a pump, heater, or lights turn on. I recommend adding a tiny low wattage air pump connected to a computer UPS battery side and nothing else on the battery side. This way when something trips the surge protector. You'll hear a loud and annoying beeping noise to let you know something is wrong. Or at least keep the air pump running for a few days while on vacation. So you don't return back to a dead tank. Remember to cover all the battery side outlets with tape to prevent a high drawing device from being plugged into the wrong side. A light or heater will drain the battery in a few hours.

Make sure the surge protectors are grounded. If the first one isn't grounded. Then the second one won't be able to function properly and you could get a shock.
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