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Well, I definitely splurged--in the past few days, I ordered a CO2 regulator, new CF bulb (96W daylight dual 6500K/10000K), Eheim 2213 canister filter, 2L bottle of Flourish Excel, and Hydor inline heater. Whew!

I've got some new plants on the way from several sources, so I really hope the new equipment makes a difference! I'm tired of growing algae...
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Default Hi!

Originally Posted by abnormalsanon
OK, I ordered this set-up. I'm psyched to get it! It seems reasonably priced with quality parts, and hopefully I won't have too much trouble getting it up and running.

Do I need anything else to go with it? Should I buy calbration solution? How does that work?

Now I just need to find a place that sells/fills CO2 bottles. There's a beverage distributor nearby that probably does.
the set-up you buy resemble the Milwaukee set-up I have. Be very careful with the bubble counter, mine was crack in a month. The only problem is the needle valve that is coarse and don’t let me have the control I like to have. Maybe yours is better. Anyway I will soon change the needle valve for a Fabco that offer more control
and I’m changing the bubble counter for a DIY PVC bubble counter.

I don’t really believe in those PH controllers, I think they are way to expensive and not to reliable.

I have a complete control with my solenoid valve on a simple inexpensive timer. I can start my Co2 anytime before my light come on and shut it off when I want. All that plus the amount of CO2 you inject and you can achieve whatever you want.

For the tank Buy a 10 pound tank from A beverage/home brewer company and you will be in business.

One primordial point is to dissolve the CO2 without wasting it. Personally I choose a DIY external reactor powered by a maxi-jet pump outside the tank. This bring good dissolution and optimal use of the gas and give more water movement to the Tank (good for the Prandtl boundary)

Good luck
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i am by far a hardcore freshwater plant aquarist...i keep fw plants as a wonderful gigression from my main aquairum hobby of reef populated mainly by corals with a little fish...

i have a 29g tank that has been growing very nicely (except for some light nuisance algae)...

here is my equipment set up...

- 29g glass rid of the hood
- 150w metal halide with 5700k bulb on a hamilton reefstar reflector with electronic ballast suspended about 12 inches above the water
- ebo-jager 150w heater
- 100% eco-complete substrate with a thin peat bottom layer
- 1 med size driftwood
- ecco 2236 canister filter (so incredibly easy to use and maintain) filled with biological substrate, coarse and fine mechanical filter
- 5lb co2 cylinder
- jbj co2 regulator
- aquamedic 1000 co2 reactor
- reef fanatic ph controller

plants are the $30 group from aquatic depot from yahoo. they are cheap for the quality of plants you get, healthy, generous in size and have grown very nicely.

fish are two med discus, 4 rummy nose tetra's, 5 serpae tetras and 6 cardinal tetra's...

i change 5-10g per week with 2/3 ro/di and 1/3 tap. chemicals i add are cycle and novaqua to the water, water. i add seachem flourish every so often and flourish tabs once every 3 months.

that's about it. i trim the tank once every two months or so. yes, it does get very overgrown but my fish dont seem to mind!
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