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Default Which is Better?

Which is Better, Hagen Co2 Whole system or DIY CO2, in terms of cost?
Hagen Co2 refill will last 1 month, 1 packs is good for 3 months $7
Yeast and Sugar will last 2-3 weeks
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The hagen packets are yeast and baking soda, as far as I can tell. I use my hagen CO2 kit for its hang on generator on my nano tank, and just use grocery store instant yeast, sugar to the first line, then water the rest of the way. I also usually drizzle a bit of molasses, just enough to make the water tea colored.

Molasses acts as a yeast nutrient and makes my mixes last 2-3 weeks longer than without. Output seems more constant and doesnt die off as fast.
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Yeast and Sugar from the stores is cheaper and is generally better to purchase then the Hagen Packets.

The Hagen Packets are often weak producing, or expired. So go with store bought supplies.

-John N.
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Molasses in the mix eh? I guess that would be more nutritious for the yeast, I'll have to try that. Thanks for the idea.

Oh, and my bit observation on the Hagen system... it's too small. Scitz is using it on his nano and that's probably fine, you don't need so much on a small tank. But, assuming you are setting up a larger tank, having two 2 liter bottles for reactors will get you higher output. The bubble ladder is pretty cool, and can be purchased seperatly. Although after using one for close to a year I finally chucked it and am just using a wood airstone to produce a mist of bubbles. Since it's located directly under the filter output the mist gets pretty evenly circulated around the tank. I've noticed much better plant growth, where with the ladder, only the plants imediately surrounding it had any growth. Although, some people don't like tiny bubbles circulating through their tank, it's a matter of oppinion I guess.
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