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Default GenX CL-280 Aquarium Chiller


Been thinking of buying a GenX CL-280 Aquarium Chiller. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this line of chillers? I've exhausted all my options in lowering my tank temperature (usually in the 90's), besides keeping the AC on all day when i'm away.

Are chillers complicated? And do you usually need to get a separate pump for it? Also, do they tend to be kind of loud? Even with all the care i put into my tank (25gal) Nothing will ever grow well if the water stays that hot

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I've used Arctica chillers before, and they have been pretty quiet. The hum is about as much as you'd expect from a refrigerator. I'm actually planning on getting another one for my new 65-gallon tank, as is having a sale.

In general, chillers are not complicated. Inline models, like the one you're thinking of, need a pump to drive the water through them, but you can use the same pump you're using for your filter, CO2 reactor, etc., adding the chiller in series (or in-line). You should make sure that the flow rate, though, is within the min and max for that chiller. Remember that the published flow rate for a pump is usually at 0' head and no resistance. In an actual set-up, the flow rate will be less.

Finally, the chiller you are considering is 1/10 hp, which is rated for tanks bigger than yours, 25 gallons. The chiller may cycle on and off very often as it will cool it down quite quickly, which may decrease the life of it somewhat. I understand, though, that there aren't that many chillers that are made specifically for that size as the smaller Peltier-cooling ones are for 10-15 gallon tanks.
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