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Default Adaptor for solenoid

The solenoid has two threaded holes (one for in, one for out) and they're simply not the same hole size as what I already have. Obviously it's supposed to go between the regulator and needle valve.

threads in the regulator is 1/4 NPT

I dont know what is the stuff that i should buy, any suggestion

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The in and out of the solenoid is probably 1/8"NPT. Any decent hardware store will have brass fittings that will go from 1/4" to 1/8". If possible, take your parts with you and don't be afraid to ask questions. Places like True Valua and mom-and-pop stores will probably be better than Home Depot. One last thing to look out for, get standard gas fittings, not the compression style. Compression fittings have a smooth, rounded end and standard fittings have a slight taper cut into the treaded part so that the threads get tighter and make the seal.

One other thing that will help you, get either gas teflon tape (thicker and yellow) or liquid tape. You don't want to risk getting any tiny bits of tape into the needle-valve.

What brand of needle valve do you have? Make sure you get those fittings, if necessary, while your out. I know the Clippards are threaded with with a 10-32 (size 10 threads, 32 per inch) and you need a special adapter that goes from 10-32 to 1/8" NPT. You cannot get that fitting from a hardware store and need to order it from either Clippard, Rex Gregg or make your own (my way) using a solid brass plug drilled and taped for 10-32. If your asking what to do though, I am guessing that is not the route you will take. I am unfamiliar with other needle-valves so I can't help there.

Good luck and congrats on going presurized!
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