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I've been studying that photo some more, and I like Diablocanine's first comment - someone tried to use the brace as a handle. If the water pressure had been the cause of the breakage I don't think it would have caused the cracks next to the cross piece of the brace. It would have just pulled loose from the outer frame, cracking there only. How did you discover the breakage? Is the cross brace bowed up in the middle? Did the cracking gradually get bigger over time?

Another fact that argues that the crack is not a result of water pressure: the brace would be resisting the water from bulging out the glass by about 1/8 of an inch (eyeballing it). If it were stressed that much, and cracked, it would give away rapidly, causing the glass to pop out the full 1/8 inch, not just ease out. I suspect that would have busted the glass, and it didn't. In any case, if you were in the room when it let go you would have heard it.

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Just examining the brace, it isn't bowed at all. I do believe the crack has increased over time. I checked my notebook, but didn't record when I first saw it. I'd guess it's been expanding for 4-6 months, though that's purely a guess.

I've got a DIY AHS-fashioned light "holder". It's about 50% of the width of the tank. When I do tank maint, I push the fixture almost all the way to the wall, and frequently the 55w CF in the back is likely over that portion of the brace. It is quite a stretch for me to scrape GSA off the bottom front of the glass, and at times it takes quite a bit of pressure. I keep wondering if between the heat and me 'leaning' into the front glass at one time or another if that might have started the fissure. I guess if the problem recurs after I replace the current rim, then I'll have to reconsider my ways !?!

By the way, the new rim with $5 for shipping is running a bit over $22, and they state it'll be here in 2-4 days. If they actually make good on that delivery, I'll be a pretty happy customer! Though I should wait until I've actually pulled off the rim replacement before I decide for sure .

Thanks for the thoughts, Hoppy,

Oh, and AndyT...you're not going to give me a guarantee on that recommendation ! hehehe
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Wink In my humble opinion

I would get a new tank. OK not really I would try to fix it. How bad would it look with a big clamp sticking up from the top of the tank. Just Kidding! The tank is about the least expensive thing in the whole setup. Substrate, filter, plants, fish, testing supplies, chemicals, hood, lighting etc. They run a pretty penny.
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