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Default Adding Movement to a Large Aquarium

I have a 90 gallon that I am adding CO2 to next week. I will be using the regulator, solenoid, bubble counter and the reactor they have on their site.
The growth in my aquarium is phenomenal due to the amounts of natural light in my room. I use 130W of power compact lighting. I have noticed, tho there seems to be spots that do better than others at moving dead leaves along and at plants growing. I have the entire right side planted with lloydiella, but there are patches that grow much slower than the rest.
I was thinking of putting the reactor in that side.
I also use (2) XP3 filters with sprayars. Right now they are pointed at a 45 degree angle to the top.

My questions:

Should I angle the spray bars down, to move the water better?
Will the pump from the reactor help move that water?
Should I not worry about it?

Thanks in advance!
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You dont want to much surface aggatation, as it will outgas the CO2 that you will be putting in there, a little is ok and helps with some of the surface scum. Water movement is very important in a tank, get ths co2 moving around and most plants will do better with some current. Dead areas in your tank could also lead to algae. Maybe try pointing one sparybar down and leave the other angled up toward the surface. You could also add a powerhead and direct it toward the dead area of your tank
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