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Default Re: Refilling a Paintball Cylinder at home?

well if you overfill the pressure relief disc will blow on your 20oz, you have to use a scale to determine when the tank is full...most places use a fish scale. Look for a "co2 refill station" these are usually designed to use a scuba tank as the large tank you fill your smaller co2 tank from so you might need adapters and such. It's not very difficult, I haven't used co2 in like 5 years though for paintball, my guns use compressed air now, but I used to have a refill station, you turn one valve to let the air in from the main tank, and then when it's full (start with empty 20oz, hook it on the fish scale see what it weighs--add 20oz to that weight, or 19oz to be safe and thats when it will be full) once it's full you turn that main valve off, and you turn the 2nd valve to release the pressure and you unscrew your 20oz. Just have to pay attention otherwise you'll blow the burst disc in your 20oz.

All co2 tanks have to be hydro tested, however alot of places that hydrotest regular co2 tanks WILL NOT test paintball tanks because "they feel that the use of co2 tanks in paintball is dangerous because thats not what the tanks were designed for so they won't test them" NEVER fill a tank out of hydro, tanks are hydro tested for a reason. The date for hydro is on a sticker or it's imprinted around the neck of the bottle. Google for a local paintball shop, they can sell you the refill station, scale, and give you a quick rundown on how it all works. Plus they will let you know where they go for hydro testing customer tanks.

sorry for the long rant, hope it helps.
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