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Default Hydor in-line heaters??

I need suggestions everyone. Please help. I am currently planning out a 120 gallon Discus planted aquarium that will be 48"x24"x24" In contrast to my current setup (which this will replace) this tank is to run 2 300W Hydor in-line heaters on the output of my Eheim 2028 in an effort to remove all equipment from inside the tank. Keep in mind that there will also be a in-line C02 reactor on the out put as well. Which leads me to the following questions:

1. Will this cut the flow too much?
2. Maybe I can put the heaters on the inlet and the reactor on the outlet to balance out the load?
3. Perhaps if I install the two hydors in parallel (side by side) with one another using a "Y" connector on each end I can further minimize the resistance on the filter flow and have better filtration?

I would prefer not to have any equipment on the inlet so that it doesn't get clogged. Alternatively I could keep Eheim running the reactor like it is now and then run one of my extra magnum 350 canisters with the micron cartridge just for the heaters, but then I'll need another inlet and outlet in the tank and I don't like that. Perhaps both filters could use the same inlet and outlet?
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I'm glad you're getting two--you'll probably need 2 to keep the temperature stable if the room to tank differential is more than 10 deg F.

I suggest you give it a shot first with the both in parallel after the Eheim & see what happens.
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You will need to put in parallel. Putting them inline one after the other will negate the second.
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OK Parallel it is. Your explanation makes a lot of sense John, Thanks. It tends to get somewhat cool in my house at night since we don't use the heating. The coolest it gets is about 55*a couple weeks of the year on those random cool nights, but generally the climate here is mild and the house sits at 60* at night 65-70* during the day. That being known would 600W worth of heating be adequate if I wanted to keep at least 83* in the tank? I do have a 250 EBO that I can throw in too if I had to, but the point is to get all that stuff out of view and being that this tank is not going to be heavily planted... (I say that now LOL)

So I think what I'll do when I do this is have the outlet of the filter go to the C02 reactor and then to the Y which would go to both heaters and then to a Y and back out to the spraybar. I'll set up the inlet on the left side of the tank and the spraybar on the right side. Hopefully this will be enough. Discus are definitely more dirty then the small fish I've been keeping.
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