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Default How to use my Pressurized CO2

I am new to the whole pressurized CO2 thing, and I got a steal for a unit. A friend's uncle was getting rid of his system which included the tank, regulator, solenoid, and bubble counter for $35! Anyway, my friend picked it up for me, but I am a little wary on how to use it. He said it was still about half full of CO2. I looked around on some sites, but I didn't really find any info on how to operate one. I also picked up an Amano-style glass diffuser online. Could anyone give me some instructions on how to use it, and/or some links?

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It all depends on where you want to start.May be a photo will help on steering you into the right direction.
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Start with a slow bubble count like 1 bubble a sec. Increase the amount each day intill you PH stays around 6.5-8 Mine runns about 2 bubbles a sec. But. I use a Fluval for a reactor so I really get good mixture.

Get a timer so the Co2 turns off about an hour before the light goes out and turns the co2 back on when the light turns on. I add 1 cup crushed coral to my filter so I can aviod sudden PH crashes due to low KH.
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Default check valve!

Don't forget a check valve that will stop water from siphoning out from the tank when the co2 stops (as a preventative). pH and KH test kits will be your best friends as long as you aren't using any other buffers that drop your pH.

I am concerned about crushed coral being necessary as long as you maintain a stable slightly acidic pH (6.6 - 6. but the calcium carbonate released by acidifying crushed coral could possibly increase your general hardness as well. Keeping a stable KH of at least 3dKH with 10-25% weekly water changes and testing to maintain this balance as well as adding other macronutrients (stressing potassium levels) assuming you are using tap water and keeping sufficient iron levels in the substrate will help as well. Depending on what kind of water you will be using (how the general hardness and carbonate hardness tests out can alter these reccommendations)

Reverse Osmosis water plus Seachems Equilibrium to boost GH provides a healthy amount of potassium and Seachems Alkaline and Acid buffers can be used 2:1 respectively with pH testing to determine the amount of dissolved CO2 in the tank.

CO2 fertilization will increase the usage of macro (N,P,K, C) and micronutrients (Fe, Cu, Mg, Zn, Br, Na, S, and Mn). Being aware of this will help avoid nuisance algae before it starts!

corrections appreciated
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yes, start slow then slowly increase. Test you kh, no need to do anything if >=3. Where you want your ph to end up depends on kh, check the chart

to determine what ph gives you about 30ppm CO2.
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