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Default Biocube 14 Gallon Pump Replacements?

Hello. I am slowly getting back into the hobby, and I managed to get a 14 gallon Biocube on clearance at my local Petco. For whatever reason, they are trying to get rid of their Oceanic products there.

I've already ordered replacement bulbs for the lights (JBJ 24 watt 6500k bulbs), a CO2 system, and plan on getting the UV sterilizer attachment for Biocube in a few months after my tank has cycled.

I do have one concern though, and that is the pump.

In a few online forums I have heard freshwater enthusiasts complain of the strong flow rate caused by the Biocube pumps. Since I plan on having a betta (and possibly shrimp) in there and want to minimize the uprooting of plants as well, I was hoping to find another pump that is reliable, fits, and possibly is less powerful.

Do any of you know what pump that may be? I'm terrible at modding systems, and I haven't been in the hobby a few years, so I'm not really remembering what to look for in the stock pump in order to find myself a suitable replacement.

Thank you very much!
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