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Yes it would make quick reference for CO2 6 85.71%
No discussions should stay under equipment or fertalizer 1 14.29%
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Default CO2 Info Thread

I had gone through several of the Sticky threads here and have not found anything on CO2 to the extent that other topics are covered. In my humble opinion I think it would great if we had a CO2 thread that started at the basic with the options on equipment to purchase , how it should be set up and even how much CO2 we should delivering into out tanks.

Many years ago I had found a calculator on the web that allowed you to input the alkalinity of your water and several other factors and it returned a target pH level to aim for using your GO2 the most efficiently. There are probably 50 different diffusers out there today as well as reactors with some being more efficient than other and comments on these would be great. CO2 sources can range from a yeast and Sugar bottle (my first experiment in the 1980's) to a elaborate regulators with needle valves and pH regulators. The options for equipment should be covered and place to debate them.

Basically what I'd like to see is a one stop shop for information on CO2. that would answer the questions for the starting novice and yet would have information that even the long term experts to be able to reference back to.

Perhaps we could even go the route of having not just a sticky but actually a section on CO2 from the basics to the most advances topics. In the event a moderator would be needed for this section I would even volunteer.

Yes it should be under equipment as the equipment is what determines if CO2 will work for you or not. But it could be under Fertilizer as CO2 could be considered a plant fertilizer. But for simplicity if were under CO2 period it would much easier to reference.
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Default Re: CO2 Info Thread

I could get behind that.
One advantage to this specific aspect of topic is its universality and measurability.

It becomes difficult to have a global conversation when specific consumer products are being discussed. Some of the products are regional or have 'mystery' ingredients.

CO2 is standard , readily available and measurable.

I enjoy magic as much as the next guy; although quantifiable facts make for more scholarly investigation.
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Default Re: CO2 Info Thread

Any moderator can create a sticky thread, either by starting one from scratch or by designating an existing thread as a sticky.

Creating a new forum (which is what I think you mean by section) specifically for CO2 is more complicated technically but certainly possible. The filtration forum was recently created for similar reasons.

I suggest that you start a thread with specific questions or issues that you would like to see covered in the equipment forum. If it turns out well, you can ask a moderator to make it a sticky. If the thread gets many responses and seems to branch into many sub-topics that are difficult to organize in one thread, that would be a good argument for creating a new forum.
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Default Re: CO2 Info Thread

Yes I see your thoughts and ideas here Michael. Not the ting is do we put these discussions under Fertilizers or under Equipment? CO2 can require numerous pieces of equipment from tanks, regulators, tubing, and reactors for only a basic start. Yet CO2 can technically be considered a fertilizer for the plants.

Desiring to keep it all in one forum which would thing would be better?
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