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Rules to follow
APC Policy on Posting Items for Sale

Aquatic Plant Central (APC) encourages it's members to buy and sell from each other and facilitates that endeavour by providing both a forum to list items for sale. To achieve a fair and equatable marketplace this policy has been created. Failure to heed the policy may lead to sanctions from suspension of privileges to an outright ban for life.

1. Members need to have a minimum of 25 posts before being allowed to post items for sale.

2. Retail and/or wholesale establishments are not allowed to post for sale items. We do offer low cost sponsorship opportunities that include a dedicated forum where you are free to post items for sale. Please contact us for more information.

3. All items need to have a good quality photo and/or positive identification of the item, preferably both. Posts with poor quality photos and/or lacking identification of the item may be removed.

4. Descriptions should be as complete as possible. Include such things as the number of stems per bunch, the size of the patch. Including the size of the plants is recommended.

5. Dry goods and hardware should be described as completely as possible. Age and condition noted. For lights, the approximate number of hours the bulbs and ballasts have been used.

6. Pricing and terms, including shipping method, should be clearly spelled out. Any pricing in non-US currency should be labeled as to the type.

7. While APC facilitates sales between members, we DO NOT endorse either the buyer or the seller. All disputes must be handled by the parties to the transaction. APC and its staff will not be held liable for anything related to the transaction.

8. Posting a for sale item will imply your agreement to these terms and conditions, as well as those in our user agreement.

9. Space and a venue for sales is available to all members free of charge.

10. The sale of any items illegally collected from nature is not allowed. Ads must clearly state the source of all items for sale collected directly from the environment.

The above rules have been implemented by the APC Administration regarding the usage of the For Sale forum. The community has gotten large enough that we felt it necessary in order to keep things as fun and safe as possible.

Using iTrader
In order to help protect our members when buying, selling or trading through APC, we have implemented iTrader- a ratings system similar to eBay. We strongly encourage members to provide a rating and feedback after they purchase, sell or trade through APC.

Using iTrader is very simple.

1. To see a member's iTrader rating information, simply click on the iTrader Ratings number located under that member's Username.

2. Select "Submit Feedback For ..."

3. Complete the feedback form. For the "Deal thread URL", go to the thread in the For Sale forum that contains the offer to sell or trade. Your browser URL window (at the top) should show you the URL to that thread. It should be something like "". Copy it and paste it in the feedback form without the quotation marks in the above example.

If you have any problems with iTrader or with the rating someone left you, please contact the Administrator.

iTrader Rating Dispute Procedure
APC's iTrader ratings system relies heavily on the honor system. It is assumed that parties to a transaction will provide appropriate feedback.

If you feel that you have been unfairly rated or you discover some other abuse of the system, this section will describe the steps you need to follow to bring the matter to the attention of the APC Staff.

1. You are free to provide your own version of the facts and rating in the transaction. This is your best option and we strongly encourage you to follow it. APC policy is that it WILL NOT mediate for or against any party to a transaction. As a result, it cannot become the arbiter of whether a feedback rating is fair or not.

2. If you feel that there has been an abuse of the system (e.g., person has provided negative ratings to multiple members without basis and in a very short time), you may bring the matter to the attention of the APC Staff via email. The staff will review the matter and may, in its own discretion, take action. Please understand if the staff finds that action is not warranted.

If an abuse of the system is found, the offending member will be permanently banned from APC.

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