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Default Dissolving concentrated DIY ferts?

What can I use to dissolve highly concentrated fertilizers?

I'm trying to mix up Low Light El/PPS Pro x 7 for once a week dose into my purchased 500 mL pump bottles.

Even heating my distilled water isn't helping dissolve my macros and then my micros (one bottle for each).

What's a safe chemical that I can use to get them to dissolve? I remember hearing about people using something for this, but I can't remember what it was and how much of it it was.
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Default Re: Dissolving concentrated DIY ferts?

You need more distilled water or less fertilizer. Fertilizer salts have a solubility number like KNO3 is 242 g/L (20 C). Use the fertilizer calculators to figure out your concentrations. It will alert you if you can’t dissolve it.
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