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Default Fertilizer for Bunch Plants?

I tried a search, but came up with, well... not much; but then I suck at searching...

I also posted this over at the plants page, but thought I'd post it here as well.


What are folks using to get lots of beautiful vegetative growth on their bunch plants without all the roots at every node? I see all the time great photos of all sorts of bunch plants, and have purchased many that have 9-12 inches of great stems and leaves with no roots, but in my tank, I get roots. I have great compact growth, with good color, and lots of new leaves, but PILES of roots at each node. I'm guessing a fert/micro deficiency?

Stats right now are:
120 gal
eco-complete substrate
Auto CO2 system
Four 6,700K, 54W, 48" T5 bulbs @ 13 hrs
pH = 6.8
GH = 5
KH = 5
Temp @ 78F
Fish load = approx 1"/gal
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Default Re: Fertilizer for Bunch Plants?

It's not a deficiency, rather accomodation of plants to new/changed conditions. Excessive growth of stem roots indicates the beginning of plant propagation. Old growth can not adapt to new surroundings, so the plant strives to grow new sprouts.
Just wait until the new stems are long enough, then cut them and replant, and they will grow without much stem roots.
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