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Default Shallow water stocking question

I'm getting ready to build a paludarium and I'm a little stuck with what to stock with. The water feature is going to be somewhat shallow, dimensions are 5'L x 24"D x 12"H. Planting may be sparse as only the front 6-8" will have direct light. The back will open, but under a "floating island", probably just driftwood and rocks back there and maybe anubias or fern assuming any light gets through. Kuhli loaches are one of my favorites and absolutely going in. I wanted a school of Denison Barbs, but after doing some research, it may not be appropriate. The main problem being water changes and the minimal water height. Any other fun schooling fish that would do well in a shallow water tank?
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Aquatic Plant Central > General Interest Forums > Fish for the Planted Aquarium > Shallow water stocking question

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