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Default Re: Understanding GH & TDS & Hardness

This is an interesting thread, an oldie but goodie. I learned some stuff from it, or at least was reminded of things that I'd known once but forgotton.

One thing to draw from it is that in most cases, TDS is not relevant to growing aquatic plants. Too much data can just cause confusion.

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When I measure my tank I get 120 TDS, Gh 5, kh3.

Is it normal that relation between TDS and GH?

I have read that the most common relation is GH 3 = 120 TDS

I use 100% RO water for the water changes and I change 50%.

My seiryu stones increase gradually the TDS, Gh and Kh until I do the water change.

And another question, seiryu stone release calcium band magnesium in to the water, but I cannot find if it’s in the relation of Ca:Mg of 3:1 o 6:1 or 1:1

Any help will be much appreciated!


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Default Re: Understanding GH & TDS & Hardness

Originally Posted by Diana K View Post
It is not so simple as just adding things up. The GH test for example compares the things it is testing to calcium carbonate.
Similarly the Ca and Mg tests may not report Ca and Mg, but some other equivilant. (Sorry for being so vague, it has been a while since I have looked into these details)

My tap water is just under 300 ppm per my TDS meter, and my soft water fish that were hatchery raised are OK, including Discus, but I need RO for German Blue Rams.
GH and KH are around 4-5 German degrees of hardness, and these do not add up to 300 ppm, either, but under 200 ppm, even on a day when both are reading 5 degrees.
My hard water tanks (Lake Tanganyika) has a TDS closer to 800 ppm. My Brackish water tank (SG 1.004) has a TDS of about 2000 ppm.

I would call your water fairly soft, fine for hatchery raised soft water fish, but look into RO for the most delicate fish, and for breeding soft water species.
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