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Default Local Tap Water

Having just convinced myself to purchase a test kit, I wanted to post what I found in my local tap for those who don't have a kit but are interested:

Location: Pearl City Peninsula. Local water supplier: NAVFAC-Hawaii.

pH: 7.5 (+/-0.5)
KH: 3dH (+/-0.5)
GH: 4dH (+/-0.5)

I know, 0.5 isn't too accurate on the pH scale, but it's a good ballpark to be in! My yeast-brew injected tanks measured 10mg/L CO2, which ain't bad for a bubble-ladder diffuser and a little sugar and yeast! I have the EPA-mandated annual Water Quality Report, which shows very low chlorine and heavy metals. It's the best tap water for aquarium use in any state I've lived in so far!

What kind of tap water values are you getting elsewhere in the Islands?
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Default Re: Local Tap Water

Looks very close to my tap water iirc, I'll need to find my notes and post the exact numbers.

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