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Default Re: My First NPT, 20g Long

Have you tried poking a chopstick down through the substrate in several places to see if gas burps out? If that gas stinks like rotten eggs, you can poke many such holes and get rid of most of the gas. If it doesn't stink, it is is probably mostly CO2, which is good news.
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Default Re: My First NPT, 20g Long

Updates! So, the tank hasn't completely imploded yet. Heavy growth continues, and I had the presence of mind to take before and after photos for the trim job I did on May 31st!

I also accidentally, over the course of the trim, pulled up one of the healthier looking Cabomba, and saw that the roots were BLACK (photo attached) which made me a bit nervous. I went ahead and replanted it, but if anyone reading this has any insight on black roots like that, I'd appreciate input. I've noticed that the Cabomba's response to trimmings seems to be that the stalk that's trimmed more than a couple times stops growing and it branches near the base of the plant with a new shoot. Hopefully this will allow for each Cabomba root system to have a bushel of stalks eventually, that may require less trimmings as well? Or perhaps the trimmed stalks will eventually wither? My Wisteria forest has some surprisingly thick stalks already, so that's encouraging as well. Swords all seem to be doing well enough, and I'm probably going to pull out the suspected-Amazon sword this weekend before it gets any larger, as the titularly broad leaves are starting to grow so long as to blot out light for the Tropicas on either side of it. It'll be donated to my girlfriend's 30 gallon bow-front that has a bit more height allowance for it.

The bladder/pest snails are growing to be quite large, and I crush all the ones I spot but I'm becoming resigned to their presence. Very sad about it though. I still have not repopulated my tetra school. Just feeling nervous about tank stability I suppose. I acknowledge that prolonged existence of this tank while it's so poorly stocked with livestock is not ideal for balance. Perhaps I'll go to my LFS this weekend.

I did what Hoppycalif recommended and poked my tweezers throughout the substrate to release bubbles, which smelled faintly of sulfur but nothing STRONG. So hopefully I won't lose it all to anaerobic shenanigans.

The new development is brown furry algae-type growth on the front glass, as well as long green hair-like growth on the cabomba and swords. I'm admitedly disappointed that the 8 or so Otos I think I have (spotting them all at once is proving near-impossible) are apparently not interested in that kind of algae, so I may have to black out the light for a day or two to kill it all off if the growth gets much worse.
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