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Default Eastcentral Mississippi Biotope

Hey everyone. I just wanted to share this real quick. I have had a "Local Biotope" tank in the works for a few months now. This entire tank(minus the hardware) is from a small acid pond on my family's property. I collected flora, fauna, substrate, wood, and leafliiter from this location. So, I guess I'm lucky to say I have a TRUE biotope aquarium!

G. affinis - Western mosquitofish
L. macrochirus - Bluegill(fry)
E. zonatum - Banded Pygmy sunfish
F. notaus - Blackstripe topminnow
N. gyrinus - Tadpole madtom

E. densa - Anacharis
Utricularia sp. - Utricularia(bladderwort)
J. repens - Juncus grass
S. ceruss - Lizard tail

Here it is:




Pygmy sunfish

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