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AquaPalooza- a planted aquarium directory

Online academic organizations whose focus is the study of freshwater aquatic plants.
[7 entries]  
Website of planted aquarium clubs or aquarium clubs with a significant planted aquarium division.
[8 entries]  
Freshwater aquarium fish websites.
[33 entries]  
Aquarium related websites that have a planted aquarium sub-section.
[25 entries]  
Blogs related to planted aquariums or where planted aquariums are an important part.
[13 entries]  
Wholesaler or retailer websites that offer planted aquarium equipment or aquarium plants and/or livestock.
[32 entries]  
A listing of freshwater aquarium contests. If the contest resides inside of a large site, this link must be to the contest pages only.
[12 entries]  
Governmental or non-profit organizations whose purpose is related to aquatic plants.
[8 entries]  
Please add sites related to freshwater invertebrates.
[19 entries]  
Planted aquarium related sites.
[57 entries]  
Please add sites related to ponds and water gardens.
[5 entries]  

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