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Ponds and water gardening
Please add sites related to ponds and water gardens.

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Aquatic Search
  Aquatic Search. A SEO friendly Directory that lists Suppliers of Pond, Tropical and Marine equipment and fish. An Ideal place to look if you are a Fishkeeper of Coldwater fish like Koi or perhaps Marine and Tropical fish. We mainly cover the UK but we do have categories for Aquatic sites around the world.  
Pond Professors
This is the web site of a friend of my hubby's. They specialize in the installation of water features using Aquascape Designs products. Over the last few years, they have been invited to be one of 13 contractors to install a water feature at Disneyland. Check out their "acheivement" page for the details.

If you live in the Wisconsin area and are looking to put in a pond take a look at this site.
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Pondtastic Water Gardens 5 *
For the best selection of aquatic plants and amazing water lillies visit Pondtastic Water Gardens, Orlando FL

100s in stock everyday !
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The water garden
This is a great site from back home that is geared towards people who like outdoor pond gardens. They have some great merchandise and the customer care is always great. They even have some great information for those wanting to build their own water garden. Calculations for ferts and water pumps and everything you need to know before you get started.  
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Water Features Online
Water gardening is a hot topic on the APC site, especially if one lives in a warm climate area or the season permits. Water Features Online offers three areas for pond and water garden enthusiasts. The Pond Institute is chock full of how-to articles on everything for water gardens and ponds of all types and sizes. The Pond Shop offers an array of products, kits and a how-to and design shop. There is also a Pond Club with news, forums and competitions.  
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