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Website of planted aquarium clubs or aquarium clubs with a significant planted aquarium division.

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Arizona Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts
  We are a group of planted tank hobbyists located primarily in the Phoenix Arizona metropolitan area, but open to all from anywhere. Our group is very informal.  
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Carolina Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts
Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill/Triangle, North Carolina area plant club  
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Delaware Valley Aquatic Gardeners Association
Delaware Valley Aquatic Gardeners Association is a planted aquarium club encompassing Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. We are a community made up of planted aquarium enthusiasts striving to advance the art of aquatic gardening by sharing members collective experiences, knowledge, and devotion to our planted aquarium hobby. We are devoted to maintaining an educational, fun, and supportive environment where members can share their joys and learn from their frustrations.  
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Greater Washington Aquatic Plant Assc.
Planted Aquarium Group serving the the Greater Washington DC area including members from Delaware, Maryland, Pennslvannia, Virgina and Washington DC.  
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Madison Aquarium Gardeners Club
  Madison Aquarium Gardeners Club members exchange ideas about freshwater planted aquaria. This is where beginners get a good start and experienced hobbyists share discoveries as they follow their curiosity.  
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MiAPG-Michigan Aquatic Plant Group
  We are Michigan Aquatic Plant Group! We are a group of hobbyists that share common interests in the Planted Aquarium hobby. In our group, each unique hobbyist, ranging from those just starting out, to seasoned professionals and everyone in between will be able to gather and share information with one another in regards to the Planted Aquarium hobby. We feel that keeping Planted Aquaria is a great addition to the home, but also the aquatic plants serve as a home and a comfort for the inhabitants of the Planted Aquarium. We encourage anyone who has any interest to get involved by registering on our discussion forums to learn more about the Planted Aquarium hobby. Don't worry, we are a nice and friendly community, and provide a welcoming atmosphere!  
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Raleigh Aquarium Society
Raleigh, North Carolina area aquarium society. Has annual three-day workshop and auction. Mostly fish oriented, but good number of planted tank hobbyists. Annual auction (end of February, yearly) usually has a huge number of plants for sale at great prices.  
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San Francisco Bay Area Aquatic Plant Society (SFBAAPS)
  SFBAAPS is a regional community of planted aquarium enthusiasts living in and around the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We strive to enrich our membersí aquatic gardening experience while advancing our hobby. To meet these goals, sfbaaps facilitates regular events which include open houses, speaker presentations, and plant swaps. This website and online discussion forum serve our membership. We invite you to share in our excitement for aquatic gardening.  
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