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Wholesaler or retailer websites that offer planted aquarium equipment or aquarium plants and/or livestock.

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ADA Europe
european ADA website. it has many ADA products but i still havent figured out where the 'buy' button is??? Italian based. amano must be doing well over there.  
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Aqua Essentials 5 *
  Aqua Essentials is an online website specialising in the planted aqaurium. Carrying a wide range of goods from substrates, gravels, fertilisers, tools, lighting and more. Some of the brands we stock are ADA, JBL, Azoo, Tetra, Caribsea, Hagen, Aquarium Landscapes, D&D, Ferka, Kent, Seachem, Red Sea, Prodibio. We are always on the look out for new brands, particularly those trying to break into the market.

Although Aqua Essentials is based in the UK, we ship worldwide and nothing is ever too much hassle.
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  Good selection of freshwater plants and fish .French language store from Montreal Canada  
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Large selection of Aquarium Plants. Occasionally sells some rare species when available.  
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Aquatic Rocks
An importer of Carib-Sea products into australia  
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aquatics warehouse
large good selection of equipment and accessories for tropical, marine and ponds.  
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charterhouse aquatics
coral garden
a lot of products but the main reasons this website made it into my favourites link is because it sells the Algone product which is much liked and rare to get in UK.  
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everything for pets
name is self explanatory.  
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Freshwater Aquarium Plants
  Good selection, good prices. Great quality. A little low on stock (as of february 2006) but expanding facility. Plants are grown at the nursery, not distributed from other suppliers. I like the fact that im getting plants directly from the place they are grown.  
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Freshwater Inverts
Interesting shrimp selection from a nice guy.  
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German Shrimp store
Sell shrimp and other stuff.  
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Just Aquatic
  Just Aquatic is a company based in Melbourne, Australia that provides a wide selection live aquatic plants, terrarium plants and reptile supplies and accessories. Just Aquatic grows their own plants which enables the company to sell their products at a more reasonable price. The people behind the business also has a real passion for aquarium plants. This enhances the company's ability to render after sales services for customers to guarantee satisfaction. In addition to our live aquarium and terrarium plants, we carry a wide selection of aquarium and terrarium brands such as Seachem, Exo Terra, Hikari, Benibachi, and API.  
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Athletic and turf management supply company that will ship PRO'S CHOICE SOILMASTER SELECT (CHARCOAL) 50# in single bag quantities to individual customers in the United States.  
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LFS Cultures
You can order here your starter kits from fruit flies to brine shrimp.  
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