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Blogs related to planted aquariums or where planted aquariums are an important part.

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another grass style
japanese blog, amazing pics.  
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A blogging community site for aquarists. Has a planted aquarium community in it. If you like to blog about aquariums and want a free place to do it, this is a good place to go.  
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Aquarium fish and plants
From aquarium life in Wampa's freshwater tanks. Breeding aquarium fishes. Aquarium technics. Aquarium plants.  
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Aquascape by Jhosie
My aquarium landscaping journey  
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Aquatic Eden
Aquatic Eden deals with tropical freshwater fish, aquatic plants, aquarium supplies and the daily musings and adventures of an addicted aquascaper, all in an easy to read blog format.  
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Featuring live cam mainly of my planted tanks.. this site also contains a collection of underwater photography, scenic photography and scuba related material.. it is home to the newly forming "Project Pure" which as it comes together is related to underwater cleanup projects.. my aim with Project Pure is to see it go national / international once we have it up and running firstly in Queenstown New Zealand (official launch pending). The site is an evolution.. check it out.
The cam added was an accidental idea which I expect to keep running as when previously looking for aquarium cams I found there weren't many around let alone live & viewable when I wanted to view them.
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Daniel Larsson
  A Swedish blog about aquascaping, amongst other things.  
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a weekly blog on a low tec tank based on diana,s principals whorts and all showing a daily picture with comments and help from experts.
shortly starting a high tec tank which can be followed blow by blow over the next 12 months based around the German Dennerle system with the very latest evolution range a aquantum leep in technology with the very latest fertilasation ideas developed by a market leader in the industry all very exciting
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  An intermediate aquarist logs his learning process for various aquariums. Features an on-line CSM+B solution calculator.  
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Nature By Vitlated
peter bradley
I run a weekly blog for practicalfishkeeping uk s leading aquatic magazine
Ihave set up a low tec tank ala diana and will be setting up a high tec tank with latest equuipment substrates and nutrients you can watch there progress warts and all with daily web cam and weekly blog
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Xylema, a vida flui...
A brazilian blog with a plenty of planted aquarium related links, in portuguese.  
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  A Blog where the main content is about my planted tanks, but some other "crap" finds it's way in there sometimes. It is a dual language blog to please all outside Sweden (English and Swedish).  
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