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Academic organizations
Online academic organizations whose focus is the study of freshwater aquatic plants.

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Aquatic biodiversity in SEA
Information on aquatic biodiversity in SEA from the National University of Singapore's Department of Biological Sciences.  
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Field Museum of Chicago - neotropical plant guides
An excellent resource featuring many mounted herbarium specimens and photos of neotropical plants, some of which are or might be suitable for aquarists.  
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Robert W. Freckmann Herbarium
Great aquatic plant database of WI plants, but also to be found elsewhere in the US.  
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The American Malacological Society
The American Malacological Society is:

A dynamic international society of individuals and organizations with an active interest in the study and conservation of mollusks. Professional malacologists, students, and people devoted to observing, photographing, and learning about mollusks belong to AMS (formerly the American Malacological Union). The history of the organization dates back to its founding in 1931.

See also Invertebrates (shrimp, snails, etc.) 
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University of Florida, Prohibited & Invasive Plant List
This is a simple listing, but particular entries may be searched by usual engines for more information. The USDA/APHIS is attached and a link given as well. Other lists are cited or linked. For information and photos see  
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Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide
This site is presented well and is quite handy for the identification of native plant species, some of which are or may be suitable for aquarium use.  
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Wetland Plants of Wisconsin
This site by the University of Wisconsin is a great reference with some good photographs for identifying native plants. Recommended.  
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