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Default Nano Tank Heating Question


I am exploring the possibility of starting a nano project and I've got a question about heating the little bugger or buggers... So, I'm thinking of doing an nano aquascape project that would entail having three nanos set up in a row- kind of like a triptych. I want to showcase different mosses and shrimp. I probably wouldn't have much filtration, just bubblers (although if I end up doing this with 3 eclipse explorer 2s then I'll probably use the filter that comes with and upgrade the lighting if possible).

My dilemma is heating. As I will be keeping shrimp in them I want to maintain a steady temp, so although my apartment is warm I would like the insurance of having a heater to maintain regularity. But, I'd rather not invest in 3 tiny heaters if I can get away with it- much less clutter up any room in these tiny tanks. So what do you think of this idea: having all three tanks- which will likely be acrylic, sit atop a sheet of glass (most likely a glass cutting board as they have convienent rubber feet) under which is mounted one of those under tank heating pads that are used for reptiles. Do you guys think this would work? Would the glass allow heat transference? I know it's kind of insulative. Or should I get a piece of slate? Or do I even need a heat source with these little tanks? I'll probably be using PC lighting if I upgrade so there won't be that much radiant heat, or so I'd imagine. Ideas? Guidance?
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The acrylic tank material will keep the temp more constistent than glass tanks since acrylic has insulative properties. Most shrimp can tolerate a pretty good range of temperatures. If you can stand living in your house, so can most freshwater shrimp. If your house temp fluxuates a little from day to night that's ok because the acrylic and water will have an insulative effect. Your tank temps will still rise and drop to match your ambient room temp, but the temp change will happen slower and more gradually in the tank than it does in your room's air. Besides, it's gets warmer in the day and cooler at night in nature where the shrimp were collected from/originally found in.

Long story short, you don't need heaters for most shrimp if you're keeping them in the same house you live in. Definitely not needed enough to warrant the complicated setup you are considering. Some species may be picky about temp if you are trying to actively manufacture them.
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IMO, those little tanks won't benefit from the heating scheme you described. The problem is surface area to mass ratio, and I think you'd have a hard time getting enough heat to conduct up from the bottom to keep the water warm, especially if you didn't want to cook your substrate. If your room air temps are very different from what you'd like to keep the tanks at, then definitely use acrylic tanks, keep the water covered to prevent evaporative heat loss, and place them out of drafts if at all possible.

If your apartment feels warm to you, and doesn't change greatly at night, then don't worry about it too much. The shrimp won't care.
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I've had limited luck with the Hydor mini-heater [in the above link]. They get the temp up 2-3 degrees and don't seem to warrant the trouble. Besides, you'd need 3 of 'em.

My shrimp have done quite well without heaters in my various set-ups [from 1-4 gal] if the house stays 68 degrees or better. Breeding them may require higher temps.

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I would't bother with heaters. I'd focus on getting fish/plants that do well with room temperatures. That's just my philosophy though.

I've had cherry shrimp and endler's livebearers at room temperature with no major problems. My experiences are reported here:

Just my two cents.
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